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4 months ago

Did you know that it is a criminal offense to drive around Russia in a dirty car?

We agree! You should always look after your baby 😉

4 months ago

Ford Castrol Cross Country Team x Mastercraft Tools

Sliding into the long weekend like... 😏 😎

4 months ago

Mastercraft Tote Bags

Perfect for secure and efficient storage and easy transport for your tools.

Available in a 10L and a 20L, both are made from dust and water resistant materials and boast anti-skid feet!

You can ... See more

Shop the large bag here: https://bit.ly/2xdAa5T Shop the smaller bag here: https://bit.ly/2PQonB9

4 months ago

Do you think you’ve got the answer? 🤔

Hint: You’ll need more than mathematical skills for this one… we think the practical people will get this the quickest 😉

4 months ago

The condition of a tyre is measured by the depth of its tread. The deeper the tread, the better the tyre.

If more than ¾ of the coin is sticking out, it is time for some new tyres!

4 months ago

Mastercraft - Tools to last a lifetime!

Trusted by Toyota Gazoo racing and the Ford Castrol motorsport team to deliver excellent performance.

Available at a Builderssa or Makro SA near you 🛠

4 months ago

This is a hard one guys 😅

Hint: find the pattern and follow it 😉

4 months ago

Makro Online Site

Shop our range at your nearest Makro SA and invest in tools to last a lifetime 🛠

Search results for mastercraft on Makro Online Site

4 months ago

This little-known roadster offered serious style. Despite its brilliant aesthetics, the 507 was a flop for BMW at the time, though it inspired the Z8.

4 months ago

A car is stolen every 45 seconds in the United States! 😦

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