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Think you know the answer? Let us know below 😉

20 hours ago

What a sight for sore eyes 😍

The guys at Neil Woolridge Motorsport have got this beast looking great ahead of the return to South African Cross Country Series action next weekend in ... See more

1 day ago

How to Choose which Hammer to Use

Pick the right hammer for the job thanks to this informative video from Builderssa!

Shop Hammers: https://bit.ly/3c9TIb2

3 days ago

Makro Online Site

Always have the right tool for the job with Mastercraft and our range of automotive and DIY tools for the professional and the enthusiast!

Available at a Makro SA store near you.

Search results for mastercraft on Makro Online Site

1 week ago

… and the other 65% is correct 😉 😂

1 week ago

We want to know, what is your favourite Mastercraft tool?

Let us know in the comments 😊

1 week ago

Great deals on our products at Builderssa 😀🔧 check them out now whilst stocks last!

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Nice job. #fail

1 week ago

Lockdown has given us the opportunity to work on DIY/mechanical passion projects. Tell us, what have you worked on? Also, what is your next project? 😊

2 weeks ago

Trying to get warranty information on a Mastercraft Toolbox.
I messaged thru website last week & havent heard anything

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