For MG, the MGA model was the beginning of a new era for the manufacturer. With a modern, lightweight design and attractive body, the roadster was an immediate success. Only 100,000 were ultimately produced making it one of the rarest vehicles ever made

Merc 540K

This month we have the Mercedes 540K convertible from 1937. This model features sleek and curvy bodywork, along with a large, powerful straight-8 engine.
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Merc 280 SE

Our vintage selection has to be the classic 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Coupe. This timeless 2-door notchback coupé body is reminiscent of countryside Sunday cruises. This magnificent coupé is German luxury at its best and should be at the top of every collector’s item list!
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Model T

Henry Ford revolutionised transportation with his Ford Model T, the first affordable car. The conveyor belt he introduced in his assembly lines contributed to the models' success - and established new standards in industrial production. Definitely the mother of all collectors items! Ford South Africa 🚗
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The NSX was a hugely important car for its time, proving that the supercar was ready to rise from the sketchy exotics of the '80s to sleek, smart new heights.