This product is guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship. In the unlikely event that your Mastercraft product fails through normal use, please provide a proof of purchase and the product will be replaced free of charge at any Builders Express, Builders Warehouse or Makro store.This Guarantee does not apply to a product that is damaged or altered through misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, modification, mishandling and general wear and tear.

Ratchets: If the ratchet proves faulty due to defects in material or workmanship and is not repairable it will be replaced, however if the unit is repairable it will be repaired to the same quality level as new.

Products should be inspected at store for the following to determine whether the claim is valid;

  1. Impact markings on handles
    1. This indicates that the tool was hammered or pressed with something other than a hand to gain leverage and exert more force. These are common signs of abuse on the following tools;
      1. Screwdrivers
      2. Hex bits
      3. Spanners
      4. Ratchets
      5. Power Bars
      6. Pliers

  2. Scuffs, chips and bends caused by foreign objects
    1. This indicates that the tool was improperly used and may have been subject to abuse by using cheater bars or steel pipes to gain extra leverage. These are common signs of abuse on the following tools;
      1. Hex bits
      2. Spanners
      3. Ratchets
      4. Power Bars
      5. Pliers

  3. Any alterations of the product
    1. The incorrect product was used for the job carried out. No tool ever needs to be modified to complete a task. These are common signs of abuse among the following tools;
      1. Pliers
      2. Screwdrivers
      3. Spanners

  4. Worn blades
    1. Blades are expendable parts that are subject to wear and tear. Claims will not be entertained on the following blades;
      1. Hacksaws
      2. Utility Knives
      3. Snips
      4. Tape Measures

  5. Neglect
    1. Products that have been neglected are also not covered by the guarantee.
      1. Exposure to water and other fluids (E.g. Rust)
        1. Ratchets
        2. Pliers
        3. Shears
        4. Snips
        5. Tape Measures
      2. Lack of lubrication
        1. Snips
        2. Shears
        3. Pliers
      3. Incorrect storage practices
        1. Utility knives
        2. Snips
        3. Shears