At Mastercraft, we’re fuelled by the South African love affair with the garage as a kingdom and the motor vehicle as royalty. This passion has driven us to create the finest range of automotive hand tools available with the confidence of a lifetime guarantee!

Whether you’re a professional mechanic, engineer, handyman, craftsman or an enthusiastic DIYer, Mastercraft is here to instil confidence in your projects. Our relentless commitment to innovation, practicality, and quality ensures that our tools meet the highest standards.

From wrenches and screwdrivers to sturdy and portable toolboxes, pliers, hammers, and more; our comprehensive range covers all your automotive needs. Just ask the Ford Dakar team!


We understand that affordability is key, and that’s why Mastercraft is not just about quality; it’s also an investment that won’t break the bank. Our tools are built to last, constructed with heavy-duty materials like chrome vanadium steel, ensuring superior strength and durability.

With our lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship, you can trust in the reliability of every Mastercraft hand tool. Start exploring our range of tools today and discover a new level of confidence in your projects.


THE BEGINNING Founded in 1998, Mastercraft is one of the most tried, tested and trusted hand tools in South Africa. Continuously adapting to fit the modern workshop’s needs.

To be the trusted companion supplying top-quality, durable tools that empower individuals to conquer the toughest challenges in automotive, motorsports, and other pursuits.

To prove our vision by offering a lifetime guarantee on all our tools. Supplying quality and affordability to all.

At Mastercraft® we have a no nonsense swop out lifetime assurance. Our tools are guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship, which is why they carry this confidence.